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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Living in Singapore with my 2 fur kids

"The world would be a nicer place if everyone had
the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog."
- M. K. Clinton (author, The Returns)
- 摘自《 The Returns 》作者 M. K. Clinton

Living in Singapore with my 2 furkids 

A small country? Heat and humidity? Not so clean beaches and sea?....... but let me tell you, Singapore is getting more and more a dog friendly place. The dog community is growing and even dog-friendly places are popping up......... yes there is now hotel staycation. Dogs need to have their leash off, run and play and there are quite a few 'dog runs', in fact we have 7 'dog run places, 3 dog friendly parks (without dog runs) 3 dog friendly open spaces.

I have two dogs (a 13 years old miniature bull terrier and a 2 years old mixed breed bull terrier). I lived in an apartment, so I do walk my dogs several times a day as they need exercise and so do I. I am mindful of the heat and humidity. In the day, it is usually a shorter walk (pee breaks) and the longer walks are for the mornings and nights. Like most of you reading this, I have many dog lovers' / owner friends and we arrange casual meet-up sessions ending with a long dog walk.

Most things related to dogs are expensive particularly in the areas of therapy. I am fortunate to learn pet massage and energy healing which in turn my dogs are benefiting from them. For me, just touching them and taking them out are bonding sessions which both me and my dogs enjoy.

Living in Singapore, I do say, Singapore has a fairly good and powerful law that protects all animals. One section of the law says cruelty and abandonment of animals is a crime.

Also, through the good work of the authorities, dog welfare groups, animal shelters, people nowadays don't scatter away quickly when they see owners and their dogs. Indeed, we have come a long way. Dogs are indeed part of our lives and I wish Singapore would one day allow our dogs to travel on trains, dine with their owners, shop in a mall etc etc.

A little about my two dogs; 我的毛孩兩三事:


..... enjoy the journey but stay in the present 享受旅程、把握當下

Two things Scuba love most; Eat and Sleep. He keeps telling me "I will sleep well if I dined well". Seriously he thinks I am his treat-dispenser and my bed 'companion' and he is not wrong.

He sleeps all the time but I choose to say, he is constantly in Zen meditation. Being a companion for many years, and at age 13, he gets 3-4 massages a week to help him resolve and support his mobility (musculoskeletal circulatory) and have a positive influence on his immune system by flushing out waste and toxins (lymphatic system).


A shelter dog can only do so much to give himself a second chance at finding a forever home. He can wait for weeks, months....... 

A dog welfare group saved 2 little puppies at the 11th hour from being put down by the authority and kindly put them in a shelter.

Brutus waited for several weeks at the shelter before he came to his forever home when he was 8 months old. Unfortunately, we found out he is deaf. During a lion dance this year at home, Brutus slept through the whole event.

He is also high energy and very exuberant and wants to play all the time. He goes crazy with tennis balls so finding a 'stray' tennis ball outside the tennis court is like finding a treasure.

Below is the official dog runs, dogs friendly parks and dog friendly spaces for reference;
Official Dog Runs: 放繩奔跑區:

Bishan Park Dog Run, Katong Park Dog Run, West Coast Dog Run, Jurong Lake Park, Sunny Heights, Pet Mover's Dog Run, The Animal Resort off-leash Park

Dog friendly parks (without dog runs) 寵物友善公園(不含放繩區)
East Coast Park, Labrador Nature Reserve, Botanic Gardens
Dog friendly open spaces 寵物友善開放空間
Tanjong Beach, Coastes, The Green Corridor

Author 作者 : Vivian Choo
譯者 : Tommy Lin

Source:  Animal Talk Ltd August Newsletter 2016

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