If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man. Mark Twain

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Children Without Home

沒有家的孩子... Children Without Home

In a metropolis, who would spare a little care to a stray dog wandering on the street? Would you try to listen to the voices in its heart and learn what "unconditional love" is all about?
"我沒有家,沒有愛,我獨力生存,飽受風雨,飢餓,人們可否不要來傷害我?給我一條生路?我只想生存,沒有 奢望可得到愛,能有餐溫飽,已是我的所有。
"I have no home, no love; I live on my own; I suffer from bad weather, hunger and the threat of being hurt by human beings. Would I be given a chance to live? I just want to survive, being loved is a luxury to me, simply a meal to save me from hunger and a place to keep me warm are all I hope for.
曾幾何時,我也是一個被愛的孩子,也有主人愛我的,但他 現在已離棄我了!主人,雖然我一直都不明白為何你要放棄我?但我想你必有你的苦衷。我仍愛你,仍等候有天能再與你相遇。每次當我自覺接近死亡邊緣的時候,我的心總是有你的影子浮現在眼前,可能我怕閉上眼之後,就再不能看見你了...
You know what, I was once an adoring child enjoying all the love and care from my owner, but I was now abandoned.  Papa, although I don't understand why you gave me up, I surely think you have your reasons. I still love you, waiting to meet you again one day. Every time when I feel close to the brink of death, I see images and shadows of you in my heart, and I am afraid I will not be able to see you again if I close my eyes...
In the past, I waited at the door every day for you to come home and this was the greatest joy of life for me! But now, I become busy daily, I have to wander on streets and alleys in search of left-over food to save myself from hunger. I can find some if I am lucky, otherwise I will be spending my days and nights starving. At night, I can no longer sleep next to your bed and protect you; I can only rest myself in a dark corner, curling up tight. On rainy days, I will become all soaked but that reminds me of the times while you were bathing me; therefore I do not hide or cover myself from the rain some times to let me bring to mind again the moments I spent with you.
Sometimes, when you got angry and complained about my misbehaviour, the little devil inside me would prompt me to steal your socks to taunt your tolerance; and it was also because of that strong smell from your socks that I like! But here, I would encounter chasing and beating even if I did not misbehave myself, I kept running and running, and I still got whipped and beaten with injuries all over my body, and they hurt real bad. However, the physical pain was nothing when compared to your parting, I knew I could bear with it; and as long as I survive, I have the hope to see you again...  
Papa, how are you? How's life without me? I'm doing fine and I'm still a good boy, I will always behave and wait patiently for you to come pick me up. I hope you won't find me silly as you might never be able to understand how deep my love is for my owner; this is a lifetime promise I have for him. From the first eye contact and the first hug he gave me, I have made up my mind to stay with him and to protect him for the rest of my life; regardless if he still loves me, he is everything to me in my life.    
As the writer of this feature, I may not know who the owner of the dog is, but since we all have the chance to or may have already become a pet owner, I'd like to wrap the story with extracts from a Japanese movie named "Ten Promises to My Dog", hoping to reawaken the "never abandon" attitude and the determination needed for owning a pet: 
1. 請耐心聆聽我的表達,給我時間去理解你;
2. 相信我,因我一直都與你同一陣線,成為你最忠誠的朋友;
3. 經常和我遊玩,把心事告訴我,我雖然不能說話,但我聽得懂;
4. 別忘記我和你一樣也有感情的;
5. 別打我,其實我可輕而易舉的打贏你,只是我沒有這樣做;
6. 我不聽話的時候,一定是有原因的,在責備我之前,可否想一下自己對我做了什麼?
7. 你上學,有朋友,或有工作,但是我就只有你;
8. 我老了以後,請繼續做我的朋友;
9. 我只活大概十年,所以要珍惜一起生活的每一刻;
1.    Please listen patiently to my expression and allow me time to understand you;
2.    Trust me, I'm always on your side, and I'll become your most loyal friend;
3.    Play with me more often, tell me your thoughts; although I do not speak, I certainly              understand;
4.    Bear in mind that I also have moods and feelings like you;
5.    Do not hit me, I can easily beat you but only that I choose not to do so;
6.    Hold your blame on me when I misbehave, there is always a reason and please                  consider what you've done to me first;
7.    You have your school life, your friends, or your job, but I only have you;
8.    Please stay as my friend when I become old;
9.    I only live about ten years or so, please treasure every moment we spend together;
10.  I will never forget the days we were together and please stay by my side when I'm               about to leave the world.
Author:    Lolita Yiu
Translator: Willa Wong 

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