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Monday, November 19, 2012

Lost & Found: Male Cocker Found at Outram Road on 19 Nov


  1. Thanks to Linda and her network of contacts, Buddy has been happily reunited with his family. Through a phone call to the SPCA, and this blogspot and a few exchanges of photos via WhatsApp, we were able to do a positive identification of Buddy within 24 hours. I want to express my family's heartfelt thanks to all involved in finding and sheltering Buddy the last couple of days. A million thanks to all. Rudy

  2. Dear All

    Buddy was reunited with his family on Wednesday, 21 Nov evening. When we arrived at his blk, Buddy ran straight to the lift and when the lift door opened he ran straight to his home asking Mummy to open the gate.

    Buddy is very well loved by his family and so many relatives were there to welcome him home.

    We would like to thank Leonard for stopping to help Buddy and Linda for helping to take care of him while we locate for his owner.

    Buddy did have an adventure walking for nearly 4 hours from Havelock Road to Outram Road.

    And everyone is thankful that he was save.

    Mr Buddy - dont you ever run out off the house again.


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